The TPAX course has been designed to suit the current needs of medical training, using interactive teaching methods.
The learning has three phases:


Knowledge consolidation
After registration for the TPAX class, students will receive the study materials several days before the course. The study material includes a printed book and access to an Online training center (InTreT), which can be accessed through your web browser.
The book provides theoretical knowledge about trauma and trapped patient management. The techniques and skills are shown on video by QR links in the book, which can watch directly on your mobile phone or on your PC. Because the content of the printed book is combined with the videos, students will learn through an interactive learning experience. In the Online training center, students will also find additional and complementary theoretical information. All this prepares the student for the theoretical lessons.
The first theoretical lessons will be received directly in the Online training center, and then the student must complete the evaluation to ensure that it has obtained the necessary knowledge.