Welcome to TPAX

TPAX (Trapped Patient Assessment & X-traction) is an innovative training program that teaches pre-hospital trauma care of trapped patients in motor vehicle accidents

Trapped patients in vehicle collision always have specific challenges which are quite difficult to handle. Limited access conditions, difficult airways or massive hemorrhages, extended time on scene and safety factors inherent in any rescue operation are some of the problems that the medical staff has to deal with and regular training in trauma often ventures into these issues in a superficial way and without much detail.

In the TPAX training program, students will obtain new knowledge and develop skills and abilities through a combination of methods: interactive resources, theoretical and hands-on classes in simulated scenarios, all of which are guided by specialists with experience in handling trapped patients and rescue operations.

The TPAX course’s target audience includes physicians, nurses, physician assistants, emergency medical technicians and paramedics